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Crawlspace Perimeter Walls

Closed-cell spray foam is often considered the best option for insulating a crawlspace perimeter wall due to its superior insulating properties and ability to create an air and moisture barrier. Closed-cell spray foam is made up of tightly packed cells that provide excellent insulation, which means it is highly effective at reducing heat loss and energy consumption in the home. Additionally, closed-cell spray foam has a high R-value, which means it is resistant to heat transfer, making it an ideal option for insulating areas with extreme temperature variations, such as crawlspaces. Furthermore, closed-cell spray foam is impermeable to water, which helps to prevent moisture from entering the crawlspace and creating an environment that is conducive to mold growth and other moisture-related problems. Finally, closed-cell spray foam creates an air-tight seal, which helps to prevent air leaks and drafts, improving indoor air quality and reducing energy bills.

Intumescent Coating

The Ontario Building Code requires that spray foam insulation be protected by a thermal barrier or an ignition barrier, depending on the type of foam insulation used. An intumescent coating can be used as a thermal barrier or an ignition barrier, depending on its properties.

As a thermal barrier, an intumescent coating can be applied directly to the surface of the foam insulation to prevent it from igniting and to limit the spread of fire. The coating will expand when exposed to heat, forming a thick, insulating layer that can withstand high temperatures and prevent the foam insulation from catching fire.

As an ignition barrier, an intumescent coating can be applied over a layer of foam insulation that has a fire-resistant coating. The coating will prevent the foam insulation from igniting if it is exposed to flames and will limit the spread of fire.

Intumescent coatings used for spray foam insulation must meet specific requirements outlined in the Ontario Building Code, including minimum thickness, adhesion strength, and durability. The coatings must also be tested and approved by a recognized testing agency to ensure they meet the necessary fire protection standards.

In summary, intumescent coatings can provide effective fire protection for spray foam insulation in accordance with the Ontario Building Code.