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Closed Cell Spray Foam

If you're looking for the best insulation available in Peterborough & The Kawartha's, look no further. Just Spray It is your most trusted local insulation contractor to install Closed Cell Spray Foam. Closed cell spray insulation is made of tiny, sealed pockets within a rigid foam. It provides better insulation per inch than any other insulation, and acts as a barrier against air and moisture, making it suitable for use in harsh northern climates, particularly in basement walls, roofs, and exterior walls.

Attic full of owens corning blow in fiberglass

Blow-in Fiberglass

Blown fiberglass insulation in the attic is an effective method for improving your home's thermal performance. This insulation is made from fine glass fibers and is installed by blowing it into the attic space. It creates a thermal barrier that helps regulate indoor temperatures, reducing energy consumption and heating or cooling costs. It is also known for its sound-dampening properties, which can improve the acoustics in your home. Blown fiberglass insulation is non-combustible and resistant to moisture, mold, and pests, making it a durable and safe choice for attic insulation.

Spray Foamed steel building coating with DC315 Intumescent Coating on the roof

DC315 Ignition Barrier

DC315 intumescent paint is a fire-retardant coating used in construction. It expands when exposed to heat to create an insulating barrier that slows down the spread of fire. It is often used on spray foam and other building materials to provide fire protection and help delay the collapse of the structure in case of a fire. Intumescent paint is a popular choice in commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings because it provides fire protection while being a much faster solution compared to other fireproofing methods.

Insulation Removal

Just Spray It is well equipped in addressing issues like damaged or deteriorating insulation, water damaged insulation, feces contaminated insulation, fire damaged insulation, and more.  Just Spray It’s professional team ensures that your insulation is removed and replaced with modern  and efficient insulation material, maintaining the highest quality standards. Safety is their priority, as they follow best practices for a secure removal process, including pest-infested insulation. Additionally, they take environmental responsibility seriously, disposing of old insulation materials using only proper disposal protocols. When you hire Just Spray It, you can be confident that your insulation removal project will be handled efficiently and professionally. Choose them to transform your home’s insulation, improving its effectiveness, and your overall comfort.

Why Work With Us


Just Spray It is committed to informing their customers and community. With quality products and a well informed customer base, the insulation sells itself.


The Team Members at Just Spray It all hold a stake in the local community and therefore strive to maintain their reputation through quality service.


Just Spray It delivers high quality insulation services while maintaining barrier-free communication with their customers in order to perform reliably on every job.

Commitment to Canada

Just Spray It is committed to sourcing products which are manufactured and distributed by Canadian owned companies.

Always Improving to provide better value.

At Just Spray It, we are dedicated to providing exceptional value to our customers through continuous improvement. We constantly review and upgrade our processes, and services to ensure the best efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness. Our investment in employee training and development ensures top-notch service quality, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Just Spray It, the smarter choice in insulation.

Peterborough -Additional Dwelling Unit

Just Spray It was approached by a homeowner building an additional dwelling unit in their backyard in the south of Peterborough. R24 closed cell spray foam in the walls, and R31 closed cell spray foam in the ceiling create an energy efficient and seamless building envelope.

Client Testimonials

How do I know I've been very well served by any contractor? They are attentive; reasonably priced; follow through on their promises and work in a timely way and, most importantly, provide excellent work. Just Spray It has been an excellent experience for my cottage insulation work, restoring my enjoyment received from top-notch service. I will certainly continue to call them in future and suggest them to others with similar needs.
jason ward
Awesome service from initial inspection (Rob) to completion (Rob, Jay and Mitch). They advised me in advance what was required to prep for a smooth application, showed up as scheduled and competed in great time. Very personable guys who left a clean work site. Anyone who knows what I was dealing with prior to this application is completely shocked at the difference in temperature - my basement is now the same temperature as my main floor. Best decision! Have already referred them to friends, and planning to get a quote for my attic insulation too!
Crawlspace Spray Foam
Eileen Bright
Rob and team have done a great job on time and under estimate. Refreshing to have a good communication and honest service. Site was left clean and tidy with 2x4 faces clean and ready for drywall. Thanks for the service and would highly recommend it.
Vaulted raked wall spray foam
Robert K

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